Liven Up Your Black Work Trousers: Styling That’s True to You

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So, I posted a picture of my #AllergictoAverage [Tuesday-Get-Up] on Instagram and wow, people LOVED these trousers. The amount of comments I got on them, people asking where they were from, where did I find them etc. Well; you find them here and the best news is – THEY. ARE. ON. SALE.
All sizes up to an 18, go now. [Go – go!]


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One person did say to me however,
‘I love your trousers – I wish people more wore more colour in my office…’
Well, if you want to wear colour – you can – and you should!
But, if going in full pelt with fire engine trousers is a bit much, here’s a few suggestions to spice up your bottom half without going TOO wild.

[A Slim Belt for A Slim Silhouette]

I was lucky enough to be sent this amazing little belt from GANT, via Betty and Bee. It is the perfect addition to my corporate wardrobe, brightening up any pair of black trousers. The soft tone of the pink means it’s not garish or brash and blends nicely with any neautralised colours. It’s great quality with lovely attention to detail on the stitching and a beautifully shaped clasp.

Skinny belts are ideal for adding a sophisticated feel to a pair of relatively casual trousers. The trousers from Zara are great but they’re neither high nor low waisted, and being 5ft4, they have the potential to make me look a bit dumpy.
Adding a belt helps keep them in right area around your waist constructing a slim silhouette and a well dressed look.

Skinny Pink Gant Belt 2

I wore it with last season Black Zara Slacks and one of  my new favourites;
Hawes and Curtis Beige and Navy Floral Shirts.

Hawes and Curtis Floral Shirt3

I wore this to the media preview of ‘Hello My Name is Paul Smith’ which is currently showcasing at the Lighthouse Glasgow – review up next week.

Hawes and Curtis Floral Shirt2

Perhaps a blog post on ‘How to Stand Out Against A Wall of Thousands of Buttons’ would be appropriate.

Hawes and Curtis Floral Shirt

As you can see, the belt is suuuuper subtle, an understated presence on the outfit, it definitely creates a clean split between black trouser and shirt.

Originally trained as a collar-sewing specialist,  GANT’s founder Bernard Gantmacher original values and aspirations of quality and class are still prominent today; making it an attractive offering for young professionals.

Unfortunately, this belt is no longer in stock [yeah, it was that popular], however I’ve picked out two that are just as elegant and versatile.







At only £32.50 each [down from £65 – God, I bloody love sale season] they’re a steal.

Black Patent
Red Patent


[A Belted Loop Waist]

If the colour red is too much for you, but you liked the belted loop around the waist of the Lavish Alice trouser, these might be a real compromise. With a slight sheen to the fabric, these trousers are the perfect hybrid of style and professionalism.

Belted Waist Trouser.jpg

What’s even better, the tapered cigarette ankle finish means they could easily transform from working day to evenings drinks, or even be the basis for a Saturday night out.
At £38, a great investment.

Belted Waist Trouser 2


Culotte [Got] To Have

If you want to ramp up the adventure on the style front, but not particularly the colour, these culottes are a must-buy. Pair with a white collared shirt and hair clean back for an androgynous look. #GirlBoss swag instantly.

Oh wait – I forgot to tell you the best bit. [They’re only £9.99]
Yeah, you can thank me later.
Shop Now.


Make Great Choices | Ones That Feel Like You

Be #AllergictoAverage


David Bowie; What We Can Learn From Him For Our Early Careers


As David Bowie, extraordinary talent and supreme influencer sadly leaves us, what can we learn from him in our early careers?

Morph yourself

Vibrantly restless, David Bowie consistently morphed himself into the different polarities of his personality. With his distinct alter-egos, Bowie released parts of himself, acknowledging so many different sides to his persona. True self-expression coupled with continuous reinvention seen Bowie’s career stretch over decades.

Take inspiration from this; do not be afraid to show what you have to offer within the many layers we have as complex human beings. Flex your personality and your own [although perhaps subtler] alter egos to get the best out of situations presented. Read your audience and at times play the character they want you to be. The Leader? The Innovator? The Challenger? The Creator? The Empathiser? The Supporter? The Director? The Critical Friend? Be in control, using observation and ability to morph to your advantage. Be a chameleon in time of need, be the best versions of yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be ‘An Outsider’

Bowie’s ‘weirdness’ and alienist type qualities provided such inspiration for many people who felt they ‘just didn’t fit in’. Sometimes standing out is the most exhilarating feeling in the world. It’s what we stand for at #AllergictoAverage. Often, I can feel like that. In the financial industry ‘creative’ is a word not bounced about often, but, after a mentoring session with a female leader who told me ‘I don’t fit in here either, but that’s why I was hired’ I got a fire in my belly. Harness that, use it to your competitive advantage and get your voice heard, ’cause I can guarantee if you do it with confidence – you’ll sure as hell be remembered.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

David Bowie’s first, self-titled album, released in 1967, absolutely flopped. Have resilience and believe in yourself and most importantly, when it doesn’t work out; keep going. Who knows what the world will miss out on if you give up at the first hurdle. Keep people around you who keep you strong, who give you the courage to try again. Go for your goals, get back on your feet; be your very own Stardust.

Leave A Legacy

“This way or no way / You know I’ll be free / Just like that bluebird / Now, ain’t that just like me?” Lazarus

Even in his parting, David Bowie was visionary. Writing what appears to be a somewhat ethereal, mysterious, yet peaceful goodbye to fans. He said goodbye in his own way, with his own legacy. Widely praised by critics, he fulfilled his presence right until the end, a parting that was so utterly, vibrantly Bowie-esque.

Create a legacy like David Bowie, carve out your own presence, have people remember you. Write your own story; don’t leave it up to anyone else.

Live Life With Excitement, Not Fear.

‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring’

It’s self-explanatory really, don’t live your life in fear of what’s next, embrace the unknown, welcome opportunity and change and look forward with a sometimes unnerving, yet eager anticipation.

Stand Out | Stand Tall

Be #AllergictoAverage

Work Wear That’s Anything but Boring


Dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring.
It also doesn’t have to be difficult.

#AllergictoAverage is anything but boring, and as we slide into the last week in December before the Christmas period. We’ve picked out 5 ways to update your work wardrobe, adding a little bit of glamour and sparkle to align with the festive season.

Shoes | Dare to Wear – GOLDilocks & The Fishnet Tootsies. 

Definite eyecatchers, these gold pointed flats will add
some zing to any black tailored trouser.

GOLD Pointed Flats.jpg

I like to pair these with some fishnet socklets; adding a little bit of edginess and hiding those cold-induced veins on our feet that just love to make an appearance in the winter.
gold shoes

Gold Pointed Ballet Flat: Shop Now

Belt | CHAINed to your Desk

Feeling like you’ve been chained to your desk, cramming before we break up for the festive period? I feel ya.
A slightly nicer association with chains is this dreamboat belt, add to a midi LBD with dark tights and a reserved hairstyle to make your waist pop.
[Very Balmain]
Chain Belt.jpg

Chained Belt: Shop Now

Chest Piece | BROOCH For the Stars

If your working environment is slightly more conservative and you don’t feel the accessories already covered are appropriate – then don’t worry, this one’s for you.
Brooches are timeless pieces, oozing style and understated sophistication. Pop this vintage-esque one on the corner of your shirt or
on the lapel of your blazer.


Vintage Style Brooch: Shop Now

Collar | Fly Me to NeverLand

Feels like the Christmas break is a million miles away? Feeling like it’s never going to happen? Don’t worry. It’s just around the corner, hang tight, relaxation and refreshment are on their way.
Take inspo from Peter Pan and Never Never land and
fly into the Christmas break with this stunning collar.
Pop over a grey scoopneck or white shirt to bring sparkle and femininity.

Image 3 of ASOS Collar In Multi Embellishment

Pixie Collar: Shop Now

Bag Accessory | Black as Coal Pom Pom

Christmas Bauble / / Pom Pom. Same Thing. Christmas vibes in utter style. Who needs glitter when you’ve got gold, black & Michael Kors all in the one accessory. Pop onto your bag for a playful twist on Christmas chic.

Pom Pom Accessory: Shop Now.

And the best part about all of these accessories?
They can easily be doubled up, from day to night, office to party.

That’s a lotta Bang for your Buck.

Jazz it Up | Experiment

Be #AllergictoAverage.

Pointed Gold Flat | £18 | ASOS
Chained Belt | £16 | ASOS
Vintage Style Brooch | £12 | ASOS
Peter Pan Embellished Collar | £12 | ASOS
Black Pom Pom Nag Accessory | £45 | Michael Kors

What to Wear to Work: Fendi Inspired

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AW ’15 landed with a bang this year. With an blisteringly modernistic theme, this season’s fashion features a mixture of both neutral and courageous colour palettes, adventurous textures and bold prints, grounded with geometric shapes and cuts.

#AllergictoAverage is taking inspiration from Fendi. With straight-hanging tabbards, collars and cuffs, Fendi provides inspiration for a chic and sleek corporate wardrobe.
Fendi’s AW’15|16 collection has a sense of urbanity; aligning so prominently  with the vibes of a young, independent, successful,
millennial woman.

What to Wear to Work | Fendi Inspired | ASOS Sourced

‘It’s a collection for women, but not for them to be aggressive.
They are tough, they are strong’
Karl Lagerfeld | Creative Director


A Knee-Length Number

Fendi Dress 1.jpg

A soft and rounded silhouette with a sense of inflation, the dress is finished with a visual neck and cuffs. ASOS has a dress with a similar shape. A bellowing style skirt brought in at the waist with a subtle belt, it’s smart, stylish and easy to wear. Pair with thick black tights and pointed courts to be suitable for the office.

Asos Dress 1

Shop Here


Longing for Lapels

Fendi Coat 1
Following the neutral palette of the previous piece. This coat is striking with geometric shape and eye-catching detail.
This trench from ASOS sees threads of Fendi woven through; with a bang-on-trend stone colour and Fendi-esque lapels.

ASOS Coat 1

Shop Here


The Corporate Midi

Fendi Dress 12.jpg

A high neck and midi length, this dress has elements of the 60’s flowing through. Lose the sleeves [and the potential straight jacket vibes] by going with this ASOS clean-cut dusty purple dress. Pair with closed-toe heels.
On sale for £31.50, it’s an absolute steal.

asos dress 2.jpg

Shop Here


A Flash of Darkness

Fendi skirt.jpg

The first hint of autumnal tones in the looks selected, this flash of burnt red brings flavour back to the forefront. This colour range is deep, it’s enriched and it reflects the changing nature of the AW season.
Take it straight through to winter with this burgundy suede beauty. Pair with a white shirt or black turtleneck.

asos skirt

Shop Here


Achieving Affordable Looks | Inspired by Luxury

Be #AllergictoAverage

Christian Macleod | The AW’15 Showcase


A night of elegance, poise and sophistication;
the Christian Macelod AW’15 Showcase.

Invited to represent #AllergictoAverage, I was eager to see the latest evolution in the CM journey, one which I have been following for a while now.


[The Brand]

Beginning in 2011 after a desire to wear distinctive belts, but experiencing a disconnect in finding ones he liked, Christian set up his own label.

Selling 500 belts in 4 months after the launch of just one design, Christian Macelod [CM] the label has developed with exponential growth, being showcased in 482 publications since 2014 alone. Not only that, the brand holds a celebrity following and an Aston Martin partnership.
It is distinctive, luxurious and consistently delivers.

[The AW’15 Showcase | The Corinthian Club, Glasgow]


5 floors, 2000 people and a host of entertainment; held at the Corinthian Club, one of Glasgow’s most premium destinations.
Guests were treated to a plethora of tastes, from Cheryl Risk singing modern jazz and blues, to Leighton Jones providing the sweet sounds of contemporary piano to dancing the night away in the Corinthian’s very own club; options were aplenty.
Additionally, practical entertainment included the opportunity for some retail therapy [because let’s be honest – that is extremely entertaining] including the chance to match diamonds to your CM with ROX Jewellers and to suit up with Forbes Tailoring, brands reflecting the core values and attitudes of  the designer.


Belts artistically displayed throughout the venue, everywhere you looked there was a CM presence, not invasive or intrusive, just a subtle reminder of [elegance, luxury & style].

Drinking exclusive CM cocktails, we mingled the night away with a diverse crowd; ranging from sports men and women, to those in business, fashion and the creative industry, showing the depth of desirability the brand has brought to Glasgow.


Christian’s commitment to his Scottish roots is admirable. His decision not to move to London and begin the CM journey there naturally holds some commercial value. However, from what I’ve read about Christian and from the chats we’ve had, there is a genuine desire to stay true to his Scottish roots and embrace the potential we have here. It was a decision that has echoed similar conclusions I’ve had to come to before, I know how difficult it was for me to choose Glasgow/Edinburgh or London therefore do not underestimate the weight of his choice. Although this brand and the designer himself are new to luxury fashion, it is here to stay. Refreshingly forward thinking and expansive in approach, Christian and his brand are representative of our millennial generation and its [sometimes debated but impossible to ignore] remarkably positive attributes.
A Scottish creation to be extremely proud of.

[What I Wore]

Representing #AllergictoAverage, I wanted my clothing on the night to reflect the core elements of my brand. Consequently, I went for a suit – quintessentially corporate.

If you’ve been a follower of #AllergictoAverage or have ever read the blog before, you’ll know we don’t just stop at grey. We bring personality and empowerment to our corporate fashion choices.
Red is a head-turner, reflecting the #AllergictoAverage mantra of [Stand Out | StandTall].

The cape design of the jacket took it from an office-style suit to that of a fashion-focused one. The jacket draped over shoulders trend is massive right now and this jacket from Lavish Alice nails it. Effortless isn’t a word that comes to most [aside from Kendall Jenner] so the clever manipulation of the sleeve was incredibly helpful.

The jacket may be a bit too much to wear day to day, but the trousers can easily be transferred to your working wardrobe. High waisted with belt detail and a cigarette style finish, they are fashionable but tailored enough to look smart.


Seeing as it was black tie, I paired the suit with my favourite – a crisp white shirt. This one in particular features a ruffle at the collar, upping the level of sophistication to be in line with the black tie dress code. The shirt is by Hawes and Curtis, one of my favourite corporate wear brands. The shirts are of exceptional quality and exquisite style; affordable luxury.
[Look out for blogs on wearing this shirt to the office].

Finished off with accessories from
Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, Gucci & Christian Louboutin.

CM flatlay

[The Belt]

With 28 belts, within 3 collections, there are a number of varieties of size, colour and style. When I look at them, I see a different belt for a different occasion, a different mood, a different outcome.

My favourite to invest in is the ‘Rizza’, coming in 4 different colours in goat leather. Picked personally by Christian himself, the leather enables ‘subtle tonalities’; it is versatile yet distinctive, noble yet beautiful, professional with a hint of sensationalism.

With the ability to be worn around a smaller female waist (which can be quite uncommon in luxury belts) it’s a perfect addition to the corporate wardrobe. Wear to bring central focus to a high waist trouser, to bring shape to looser items or to give character to a rudimentary pinafore.

With a global standard, this brand’s potential will exceed expectation. Unrelenting passion with a simultaneous unwillingness to stop at any border or boundary, the Christian Macleod label will indefinitely secure its place on the shelves of luxury fashion.
I can’t wait to see what surprises he has for us next.
What CM will you choose?

Belt Up | Be Visionary

Be #AllergictoAverage

Lavish Alice Red Suit | £102 | Asos

White Ruffle Shirt | £40 | Hawes and Curtis

Shoes | Christian Louboutin

Clutch | Givenchy

Accessories | Various

Rizza Belt | £180 | Christian Macleod

#BeTheBoss – Happy B’Day ‘Yonce!


[Beyonce doesn’t just sit at the table. She builds a better one.] 
Sheryl Sandberg | COO | Facebook

Happy Birthday ‘Yonce!

At 34. She’s achieved a lot.
| Most Grammy nominated woman ever |
| Net worth of $250m |
| First black singer to ever grace the cover of Vogue |
| Lead TIME’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the World |
[The list goes on]

Arguably, her most successful accolade is her [Personal Brand], for which the above would not have been possible without.

She’s strong, powerful, influential & in control. She’s also relatable, likeable and humble.

So what we can learn from Beyonce’s Personal Brand?


[The Ultimate Number 1 | Be yourself | Be the Boss.]

Because you won’t get very far otherwise.
What makes Beyonce the super woman she is, is her [authenticity]. When asking people what they want in a leader, authenticity is the number one trait. Beyonce is an authentic leader, that’s why people follow her. She knows who she is and what she wants and she’s not afraid to express that – and you shouldn’t either.

Beyonce has extremely strong core values; that’s why she’s influential, because people know what to expect from her. She has created a brand which portrays that and that is extremely true to herself. She has integrity, allowing her to [make choices] which align with her values. Integrity breeds respect, which Beyonce has in abundance – across many platforms and industries; music, the arts, equality, health and wellbeing and religion. Ask yourself the question; what values matter to you? Do you stay true to them? Do they guide the decisions they make?
This is where true authenticity is born and bred.

[Influence and Empower – For The Better]

Being a true leader is about instilling positive change in others, it’s being an enabler – empowering others around you to achieve their true potential whilst creating something exceptional together. Use your voice to speak up for the things and the people you believe in, support and motivate others, knowing that together we can do better. Don’t be so focused on your own career your forget others around you, use your energy and success to inspire and inflict positive change no matter where you go.

[Use Your People.]

Remember the Beck vs Beyonce debate? You’ll probably have seen this graphic somewhere.

I remember feeling slightly confused when this debate was circulating, perhaps it’s because I’m not necessarily that seriously into music, I just enjoy listening to what appeals to my ears, but I believe there was huge debate within the music industry. For me, looking at that, it tells me Beyonce has leveraged her resources and utilised an excellent network, producing a thought-provoking, vibrant, sensuous and punchy album, full of talent. In my opinion, this just solidifies that cliché we all know and love
[use your network]
Use others around you to create something brilliant.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, by one man, was it?

Don’t Try to Please Everyone | Take Control

Quite unusual for Beyonce, she was accused of lip-syncing at Obama’s Inauguration Day. With the continuous whispers of the media being, of course, unrelenting; instead of trying to ignore them, Beyonce embraced them. With the threat of the rumours overshadowing her upcoming Superbowl performance, Beyonce took control and admitted she did in fact have a little help from a backing track; she’s a perfectionist and didn’t feel comfortable performing on the day due to a lack of time to practice. Don’t let others define you and don’t feel pressured into performing or doing things in a certain way. Do what’s best for you and be transparent about it.

[The Element of Surprise]

Surprise is essentially doing the reverse of expectation. Exactly what Beyonce done when she dropped her album in 2013, out of the blue, with no marketing spend whatsoever. What turned out to be the most successful album of the year – Beyonce flipped the norm, creating a flurry of excitement and activity all around the world. Not only did she surprise her fans, but she surprised the whole industry.

 Take inspiration from this; do things differently, take [educated] risks, think outside of the norm and challenge assumptions – get the timing and the environment right and plan your surprise well – and I guarantee you’ll be remembered for it.

Be Innovative in Your Delivery:

It’s so easy to get comfortable, in our day-to-day careers, working furiously hard to deliver, hardly ever lifting your head above the parapet. This is dangerous; we miss opportunities when this happens, in a world of such fierce competition it is imperative to be anticipatory of the movement of the curve.
You’ll always get what you’ve always got, if you always do, what you’ve always done.
Beyonce releasing an entirely visual album was risky, it was expensive, it’s ‘just not how it’s done’. The surprise release of her album was not only unexpected, but the delivery was different, innovative and impactful, the visuals deepen the listening experience and the portrayal of her brand – she engages with us on an intense level, exciting us and  always leaves us wondering what’s coming next. Even if we’re unsure of what she’ll deliver, there is a expectation (and element of certainty) that it will be brilliant – wouldn’t you like to leave that legacy? A reputation of an innovative approach  and a courage to be different will establish definition and a strong desire from others to work with you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable:

Beyonce’s popularity is unrelenting. She’s successful, beautiful, strong & powerful but she’s also relatable, she is at times vulnerable with us.
Albeit, an inherently private person and reported introvert, she picks and chooses times to show us the Beyonce ‘off stage’, regularly showing us the stripped back, more natural version of herself. She’s a welcome breeze of freshness to the stipulated culture of social media than can more often than not be extremely falsified. Showing us the intimate parts of her life that really matter – like family and memories, rather than materialistic possessions. She engages directly with her fan base, simultaneously listening [and] speaking to them through her art.

Vulnerability is actually courage in a disguised form, it builds trust; an essential element for strong relationships. What Beyonce does that is particularly powerful, is picks and chooses the right moments to be vulnerable. Don’t feel you have to hold the fort up, doors locked at all times, know the moments to give the right people the key.

Be The Boss | Brand like Beyonce

Be #AllergictoAverage

I’m Not Bossy – I’m The Boss
#BetheBoss Campaign

See With [IOLLA]


See With [IOLLA]

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the launch of new eyewear brand IOLLA. A pleasure for two reasons;
1) the attractiveness and intriguing nature of the brand and
2) Stefan Hunter, one of the co-founders was a fellow classmate of mine when we were at University.

Wearing Zara Shirt & Trouser
Vintage Scarf
Christian Louboutin Heels

Delighted to have been invited, I arrived at the Finnieston based store [the newest, coolest, up and coming area of Glasgow] ladened with bag, laptop & luggage from an overnight stay with work. Stepping into the show room, designed by Sara Douglas Smith – it’s an instagram dream . With its neutral colour palette, stone wall interior and quirky bits & pieces [I neeeeed the bulldog ornament] you understand what the brand is about instantly.
IOLLA is punchy, modern and quirky but equally, authentic with a sense of conviction and strength of values.


Met with a warming smile, all my luggage was kindly whisked off by the lovely members of staff. Followed by the offering of a Juice Garden [Glasgow Juicer] and some sushi or gourmet pizza, the stress of my long commute disappeared almost instantly and I began to relax into my evening.


After browsing some of the frames and meeting old faces and new; including recent winner of 2015 Best Beauty Blogger Beauty and the Boy , Pin Up Sensation Miss Kelly Bakewell, LouLou Brooke and of course Betty & Bee, the night really began when Stefan and co-founder Brian McGuire introduced us to the brand and what it’s really all about.

I6 I7

[So what’s different about IOLLA?]

‘You wouldn’t go to a chiropractor and buy your shoes,
so why do we buy our eyewear from an opticians?’

IOLLA’s vision is to make eyewear beautiful, with exceptional quality, at a truly affordable price. [And what a price it is].

For £65 you can choose any frame, all priced the same. Traditionally, with eyewear there are a variety of price points, often limiting your choice to being dependent on budget. At IOLLA, every style is the same price, letting you shop with ease. Lenses are included [but] they don’t actually test your eyes.

Is this an inconvenience? Not necessarily. In Scotland you get a free eye test every 2 years with a legal obligation to have your prescription detailed on paper. From then on, the process is smooth and simple; visit IOLLA, choose your frames & provide them with your prescription details via snap & send. Don’t live in Scotland? Send in your existing prescription or seek out an eye test [which are pretty ease to secure for free or discounted].

Then the exciting part
– come and pick them up in the store or have them delivered –
easy as p[eye].

[The Paterson]

I went with the Paterson frame – being ‘unusually unorthodox’, they reflect the #AllergictoAverage mantra. They’re quirky but professional, especially in the Matte Medium Havana. If you’re feeling a bit bolder, go for the Walnut Tortoise which has hints of blue throughout them bringing out the colour of a blue eye and deepening a brown.
[The Walnut Tortoise has my heart.]


For a vintage look [which I’m also a fan of] go for clear or gold crystal.


Gold | Havana | Crystal
Shop Here

With 27 frames to choose from – it was a pretty hard choice.  My second favourite was ‘Muir’ which features a cat eye shape. Having an oval face I wanted something sharp and geometric – which I felt the Paterson had some more of. After choosing the Paterson, I was informed that every frame was named after a famous Scot. [‘Paterson’ being William Paterson], one of the original founders of the Bank of England [ironic]
so pretty much fate…

Before you get some frames, assess your face shape and let this help you guide your choice.

Evenly proportioned and soft, this face shape suits most styles – so be adventurous

[Rectangle]: Defined by high cheekbones and rectangle
a deep forehead, try a wide frame with a strong
top line for balance.

[Round]: A shorter face with rounder cheeks round
and a soft chin, try angular styles to draw attention to the top half of the face.

[Square]: Defined by a wide, square jaw, gosquarefor rounded frames to soften the face.

Every frame is made from premium acetate, which is a cotton based material. The nature of the material means every.single.frame is different.

I find joy in the fact no one else has the exact same set of glasses as me  [Stand Out | Stand Tall] . Finished with the signature IOLLA titanium tip, you get a lot of bang for your [£65] buck.

Distinctive, mischievous with a helluva’ lot of charisma;
IOLLA, thank you for helping me put [Fierce in Finance].

Get yourself to the showroom
[1313 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8TL]
or online at IOLLA.

[You won’t regret it]

Be Distinctive | Be Daring
See With [IOLLA]

Be #AllergictoAverage


[Dare to Denim]: Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition


[Dare to Do] Denim

So I just [had] to do a post about wearing denim in the workplace after picking  up a denim number at the weekend.

I finally got round to using my little Debenham’s Summer Soiree treat I received when I attended their High Summer event. [Which by the way] – was a fantastic event – cocktails, manicures&a showcase of high summer fashion.

Being invited to pick something from Designers at Debenhams or Debenhams own range, I was a little apprehensive as brands such as Principles, Red Herring and Julien Macdonald aren’t brands I would usually shop in. However, on the hunt for something a little different to add to my corporate wardrobe I came across this amazing, dark denim,
utility dress from Julien Macdonald.



[Apologies for the poor photo quality – It’s a work in progress!]

To be honest – it didn’t look much on the hanger and the photography of the dress online doesn’t do it justice. [However] I imagined a crisp white shirt against the denim and it instantly POPPED.

I questioned whether it was appropriate for the corporate wardrobe but thinking about the #AllergictoAverage mantra and my desire to push the boundaries of corporate fashion – I went for it.

The quality of the dress is excellent. A thick denim with sparkling silver buttons and well-considered tailoring, particularly around the neckline. It’s double-breasted pockets oozes sophistication and style. I’m wearing a size 10 and the fit is perfect. It’s fitted but not tight [there is a difference] making me feel confident and self-assured.


Hugging the [curves and swerves] I feel good, I feel confident and ready to strut. At £65 – it’s worth every single penny.
Paired with the white shirt, it adds necessary element of professionalism [without] compromising on style.

Pushing the boundaries of grey suits and shapeless dress;
Is denim acceptable in the workplace?

Done right, Hell Yeah, I think so.

[Dare to Denim]
As you’ll all know, I’m a strong advocate for the Topshop Joni High Waisted Jean. I have 2 pairs in black; one for the office – to keep them dark and one for outside of work/weekends etc as they are now slightly lighter due to over-wearing!

A comfortable, flattering fit – pair the Joni’s with a white shirt.  Looking for an exclusive flash of denim? Get your hands on these Louboutins.
Denim 1

You’ve cracked it.

So you’ve mastered the denim Jean? Let’s get adventurous and make denim the focal point of your look.

[The All Denim Pinafore]

Ranging in colour, these pinafores all have one thing in common, excellent cuts. Structured necklines, clean cut finishes and waist detail. To keep it professional, layering is essential here; make your base the ever loyal, [crisp white shirt].


Think you’re ready to go for it? Consider one of these pinafores and adhere to the
[Corporate Denim Bible]

  • Always choose a well-structured dress with attention to the waist.
  • Look for double breasted detail or large buttons to avoid the usual causal connotations of denim.
  • Consider layering with a light shirt; white or pink to keep within the corporate context.
  • Make sure it is an appropriate length – not too short but equally as important NOT too long; ‘punk rocker with flowers in her hair’ floor length denim vibes is OK for Glasto; not OK for your Monday morning board meeting.
  • NEVER do double denim. It might be OK for Rihanna, it might be OK for the club, but it is not OK for the office.
  • Avoid super light denim; it’s casual, summery with a laidback look; stick to darker, more pigmented denims.
  • Hot Pants; just no. You know why.
  • Rips; again, just no.
  • Not feeling ready to go full on [Dare to Denim]? Consider a cute little Filofax for a flash of denim when you’re walking through the office floor.

[Go On – I Dare You]

Dare to be Different | Dare to Denim

Be #AllergictoAverage

Julien Macdonald Dress | £65 | Debenhams
Denim Pinafore 1 | £18 | Choie
Denim Pinafore 2 | £45 | Miss Selfridge at HOF
Denim Pinafore 3 | £16 | RomWe
Denim Pinafore 4 | £510 | Derek Lam at Avenue 32

Hello World!


Hello, my name’s Nicole, I’m 23, I’m Scottish and at the moment; I’m a corporate cat.

One of biggest things I see in the corporate world is that women aren’t confident in their fashion choices – or in other areas for that matter. Fashion is an extension of your personality, and in the workplace that extension stops dead in its’ tracks.

When you feel good in what you’re wearing, you stand taller, you smile more. You’re more confident in grabbing opportunities and in striving to be better. You stand out from the crowd, you radiate from within, you’re the colour amongst a sea of grey.

I’ll be exploring ways in which you can feel your best in your career, centered around how we dress ourselves. However, that’s just the start – Fashion is not something that exists in our dresses, fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, it’s in the way we live and what’s happening around us.

March to the beat of your own drum | Stubbornly refuse to fit in.

Be #AllergictoAverage