Working Tartan [and Check] in the Workplace; Inspired by St Andrews

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A weekend away to St Andrews, Scotland; where it’s been said you can find more tartan per capita than anywhere else in the world…

Beaches, beautiful sunsets and of course the Home of Golf.

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Wearing Tartan [and Check]

Inspired by my Scottish heritage and the abundance of our traditional dress; I’ve chosen top 5 picks for working the pattern on your bottom half in the workplace.

Working Tartan

With differences in colour and style of check, these 5 are divergent but with one common theme running through; they are distinctive, a real conversation starter. I have a pair of red tartan trousers myself and they’ve been commented on umpteen times.

Even better: they’re all under a sexy £65.

Pair with a crisp white shirt and black blazer to streamline your look.

1. High Waisted Grey with Braces
Yo Yo Melody | £14

2. Tommy Hilfiger Red and Blue Tartan Crop
Tommy Hilfiger | £56

3. Persona Dark with Light Grey Check
House of Fraser | £43

4. Milano Beige Wide Leg
Milano Parigi | £62

5. High Waisted White Base
Misguided | £32

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Graduate Fashion Week [2015]

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Graduate Fashion Week [2015]
Old Truman Brewery
Shoreditch [LDN]
Last week I attended #GFW2015 in The Old Truman Brewery- LDN. My first fashion week… wow, I was blown away. Blown away by the quality, professionalism and slickness of the show but more importantly the imagination, the diverse shapes and colours and the vision of the designers. Just incredible.
Writing for #AllergictoAverage I had unprecedented access to the media lounge, all catwalk shows and the acclaimed #FROW // a real privilege.
With every designer as unique and distinct as the next (mirroring the #AllergictoAverage mantra) it was difficult to choose my favourites, but after much deliberation, I’ve drilled it down to 4; using the catwalk designs for ready-to-wear corporate inspo.
[1. Laila Maristani | UCA Rochester]
The fluid nature of the 3 piece jacket paired with the masculinity of the buttoned collar and full sleeve makes for a striking combination. A timeless piece with flair, confidence and femininity; #GIRLBOSS.
And the [colours] – what a perfect combination, not only because red & cream usually means red velvet cake but because what else means business more than a strong red trouser!?
I’ve put together the below which embodies the above; elegant yet striking, powerful yet feminine.
Slightly unusual to pair cream on cream. But Laila’s made it work.
[2. Jihae An | UCA Rochester]
As soon as Jihae’s first piece came on the catwalk I sat forward in my seat. Pinstripe? The perfect corporate pattern.
Inspired by her experience of living in-between two cultures, Jihae’s collection [In Conjunction] talks of continuity yet clashes, of different fabrics and patterns, based on a largely monochrome palette.
Clean cut shapes with a concentration on traditional tailoring, this is the perfect inspiration for the modern day city-living woman.
 GFW Inspo. Jihae An
[3. Jessica Violet Challis | UCLAN]
Perfect Layering, beautiful pastels and high necks with a reserved length. [It must be the pencil dress.]
GFW1 1
 A must have [easy-to-wear] piece for the corporate wardrobe. Jessica VC nailed it.
GFW Jessica Violet Challis Inspo
Ranging from £9-£670; the above take inspiration from Jessica’s seamless blend of colour and fine embroidery; a true [Urban Myth]
All Dress Details Can Be Found On Polyvore
4.[Fern Rebekah-Bywater | Liverpool John Moores]
One piece and one piece only stole this show for me:
The Sleeveless Trench.
Modern Day Masculinity; powerful, confident, and authoritative.
[No other description needed.]
Embrace the Masculinity | Rule with Femininity
Be #AllergictoAverage